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Keeping it simple

Are you a health minded individual who is constantly worrying about the long list of ingredients that you’re forced to read on the label of your favorite foods, only to realize that you can’t even pronounce half of them? If so, you’re not alone.

Here at Vel Bars, we’re the same way! And for that very reason, we’re firm believers in keeping our snack bars real and simple. That means no ingredients that you can’t pronounce, no chemical additives, and certainly no artificial flavors or preservatives. Instead, you get a 100% clean, pure, and natural snack bar that contains clean ingredients that your body craves.

A Health Conscious Snack

Vel Bars are more than just a granola bar – they’re a health conscious snack that offers a quality eating experience that your body will thank you for. Made with delicious, all natural ingredients and exciting flavor combinations, Vel Bars are always a perfect choice.

We understand the importance of proper nutrition and the difficulty that comes along with finding healthy snacks that support your overall wellness, and that’s why we’re proud to offer you our line of original flavors.

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