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Peanut Brittle 20-pack

Peanut Brittle 20-pack
Peanut Brittle 20-pack
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Load image into Gallery viewer, Peanut Brittle 20-pack

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When you’re “hangry” and having trouble thinking clearly, your body is sending you a signal that more fuel is needed - essentially, you’re running on empty! Fuel up with one of the finest plant-based proteins in the world: rich, delicious, nutty peanuts. This peanut-centric bar isn’t just satisfying to bite into, it’s also packed with the natural protein you need to get through your day and achieve your to-do list goals. Keep one stashed in your bag and another in your desk drawer - a future, hangry version of you will be grateful for the forethought!


  • Our 40-bar package contains forty 40g Vel Bars - enough for nearly a month and a half of mid-afternoon snacks!
  • Made with all-natural ingredients, you won’t find processed sugars, dairy, or gluten in these delicious bars - just healthy fiber and only 230 calories per bar.
  • Each Peanut Brittle VelBar contains: Peanuts, Glucose, Invert Sugar, Brown Sugar, and Brown Rice Syrup.


Important Note: Due to shared processing equipment, this product may contain peanuts, other tree nuts, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, or, very rarely, fragments of fruit pits or nut shells.

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